July 17, 2019

House Designs

House Designs

My Small but Comfy Home

Bungalows never go outmoded.  They are always beautiful and preferred over other types of houses.  They come in petite to medium to expansive sizes.  Whether you are looking for a place for a vacation or […]

Bungalow house Design Ideas

Expansive Contemporary Bungalow

If you are following our every post, you will know that this not the first time that we feature a bungalow house.  Bungalows or one-storey houses are being featured here in our website every now […]

Interior Design Ideas

Bedroom Design Ideas

Cozy One-Bedroom house designs

Many house owners, especially those who are first time apartment owners prefer plain and simple dwellings that allow easy decluttering, cleaning, and rearranging.  Though it looks and sounds luxurious to be living in big homes, […]