12 Gorgeous and Relaxing Two Bedroom Contemporary Houses

These days, home owners prefer to build a house on a spacious compound or lot to give more space for recreation, party, or just to have a vast expanse of yard to accommodate their garden and some patios and gazebos for more attraction.

More and more people are now opting to have their party or late afternoon coffee sessions and chit-chats in the comfort of their homes rather than spending it outside.  This saves time to travel to the resort or restaurant and also avoiding the stress that travelling and traffic may bring.

These cozy and contemporary home designs give you an idea of your next house.  They may also offer you some inspiration on how to remodel or enhance the existing design of your dream house.

Contemporary House Design No. 1

This contemporary house design features a spacious front yard that may be converted to a patio and where a gazebo may be erected.  The bedrooms are placed in a strategic location in the house which gives easy access to the other areas like the hall, living room and kitchen.  The parking space is just right as this is often the design for most contemporary houses.

Contemporary House Design No. 2

This design is suitable for very large lot or compound.  It offers a roomy parking space that can accommodate two cars and if there are visitors, they may also park their cars in those extra spaces.  The elevation staircase leading to the two bedrooms offer an impressive appearance and beauty to the interior.


Contemporary House Design No. 3

This two-bedroom contemporary design sits on a spacious lot with more space for gardening, patio, and gazebo.  This is also ideal for a family who has two or more cars because the large space can accommodate more parking.  The location of the bedrooms with a spacious hall that connects them to the different areas of the house offer easy access to the kitchen and the living room.  The back space may be used for extension or remodeling of the house should the owners decide for a bigger dwelling soon.


Contemporary House Design No. 4


Contemporary House Design No. 5

This design might be one of the favorites of future house owners.  The front yard gives a very relaxing ambiance that is very suitable for morning or late afternoon coffee.  The large glass windows allow more natural light to enter the house which also gives the impression of a relaxing mood.


Contemporary House Design No. 6


Contemporary House Design No. 7


Contemporary House Design No. 8


Contemporary House Design No. 9


Contemporary House Design No. 10


Contemporary House Design No. 11


Contemporary House Design No. 12



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