12 Small Living Room Designs To Look For this 2018

Small Living Room Designs

Small living room designs are very vital to home owners with small spaces. This will help them in terms of space saving and choosing the right design to complement with the space available.

A small living room should not be an obstacle in design but make us more creative in making the appearance of a small living room design more attractive and memorable not narrow. You can do brilliant ideas for the beauty of your small living room.

Well designing the right living room arrangement is very important at home because it becomes the first place that someone evaluates when visiting our house. Comfort and beauty are factors that you must apply in designing a small living room. Of course this is very interesting for us to try.

In the process of using living room furniture we can use minimalist furniture such as, a minimalist sofa for a small living room so that the living room looks spacious not narrow. The use of a living room sofa or chair is very influential in the comfort of the living room, if we are right and correct in choosing a living room furniture, the living room will look modern, comfortable and of course look good. But on the contrary if the furniture selection is wrong to eat the living room looks tight too narrow. Therefore we must have the correct concept in designing the minimalist living room of our home.

Below are 12 Latest 2018 Small Living Room Designs that might inspire you in designing and decorating your home.

Tips on How to Arrange a Small-sized Living Room

1. Use white paint or bright color paint.

In a narrow living room use paint with bright colors like white or cream. By using paint such as white or beige it can avoid this narrow impression because the color of the room is brighter and brighter so that the result of a narrow living room will be spacious.

2. Avoid Dark Colors

Avoid dark colors that cause the living room to become stuffy dark and seem narrow. These colors are black, dark brown, dark blue etc.

3. Put Furniture in a Cabinet

Put furniture as needed only in the living room, the rest put the furniture in the display cabinet so that it doesn’t fall apart and the furniture lasts longer. It’s a mess if you place a lot of furniture in a small living room.

4. Use light-fixing accessories

Choose accessories that can reflect light like white or bright jars that can reflect light. Accessories that reflect this light can give a broad impression on the narrow living room of your home.


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