20+ Amazing Photos of Pink Baby Rooms for Inspiration

Pink Baby Rooms
Pink Baby Rooms

Designing a baby’s room is a very special task, especially when the child’s gender is already defined. That’s why decorating is one of the most enjoyable moments during this waiting period.

When it comes to a girl’s bedroom, the first color that comes in mind is pink. After all it is a color that shows femininity and delicacy in the proposal. But we should not forget the basic tips for the setting of this room.

There are many options of combinations and it is possible to use, from the classic rose with white to the most creative ones like gray, blue, green and yellow. Remembering that the best options are for soft colors, which bring tranquility to the space.

Another proposal is to use pink accessories in a neutral room, which highlights the feminine side of the room. As for example: in curtains, in the crib, in the furniture, in the armchair, in some detail of the joinery, in the decorative objects, in bedspreads, sheets and others. The important thing is that this composition is harmonious with the proposal.

Choosing a theme for the bedroom is an alternative that the future parents like best, as they can play with the imagination of the child. The wallpaper is one of the ways you can find the most playful designs, such as princess castle, flowers and animals. The more traditional prefer to opt for geometric shapes, such as stripes and poas, which make a décor retro style.

Baby room pink and beige

The beige has more classic attributes and is suitable for those who prefer a more traditional style of decoration. Can be used in combination with more sober colors like gray and white to have a more modern environment.


Baby room pink and gray

Gray is an interesting color to be used as the paint base of the bedroom walls. If you like a more modern environment and a more sober look, this is the ideal solution. Mix the rose with wallpapers, decorative objects, armchairs, rugs, curtains and other items.


Baby room pink and brown

The brown matches well with the pink in the decor of the environment, but should be used with caution so as not to leave the children’s room too loaded and dark. It is common to find the color in the furniture, since the wood can take this color in some cases. You can use it on decorative objects, armchairs, wallpaper and etc.


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