20+ Girls’ Minimalist Bedroom Designs to Inspire You

Minimalist Bedroom Designs
Minimalist Bedroom Designs

Having a daughter who will grow up makes parents teach her beloved child to sleep in her own bedroom. Minimalist girl’s bedroom decor is a thing that parents should pay attention to so that their favorite children feel comfortable to occupy their dream room. The basic difference from a room decoration for women with boys is that there is a choice of colors and wallpaper of the wall and the selection of furniture that seems more to things that smell feminine.

In minimalist bedroom designs for girl’s, usually in the selection of wall paint colors it refers more to colors such as purple and pink, while to reinforce the impression of women you can present cartoon character characters such as frozen, hello kitty and barbie.

Some design tips and minimalist girls room decorations.

1. Paint Color Selection

The color of the paint for a girl’s room does not mean pink. Pink is always identified with girls, but not all girls have the same color tastes. Paint your daughter’s minimalist bedroom wall with the color she likes, but choose bright colors to give a broad impression on your child’s bedroom. By decorating the room according to their favorite color, it is hoped that your daughter will feel at home playing and resting in their room. Or it could be by placing wallpaper on the wood wall instead of paint the wall.

2. Selection of Furniture / room accessories

Simple but elegant furniture. Decorating girls’ bedrooms with furniture that makes them comfortable or they like it, for example, choosing a favorite bed sheet with a hello kitty theme or by choosing a cute pillow like a cloud pillow, pillow knot pillow.

3. Lighting

In terms of lighting, instead, use daylight that is bright and energy efficient as a lighting for your daughter’s bedroom and also add minimalist learning lights to her study table to focus more on learning. For daylighting it can be from the sun, with enough sunlight the bedroom is free of fungi and viruses that cause disease.

4. Decorating the walls of the room

The last thing you can’t miss is the minimalist bedroom decoration of girls. Decorate the walls of the room with patches of favorite photos or funny paintings of favorite characters. You can also decorate the walls of your room with sticky tape in the form of a town home or by using origami paper-shaped butterfly decorations.

Below are more examples of design drawings of the latest and unique Minimalist Girls ‘Room Decorations as inspiration for girls’ minimalist bedroom designs.


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