20+ Stylish Bathrooms with Fabulous Color Variations for 2018

Like rainbows in the sky, colors are diverse. It highlights multiplicity of moods—joy, excitement, surprise, nostalgia and what have you. As colors vary, it creates a feeling of calmness and newness. It creates you—a young and gorgeous you.

Bathrooms are great way to indulge in variety of mood. In a splash of waters and bubbles are feelings of serenity. Like colors, they paint smiles on faces of a family.

It is in the bathroom that we own our space for few minutes, and soulfully sense the variety of our human expression. Colors, as in rainbows and diversities, affect the saturation and brightness of our identities.

We’ve got you covered with more than 20 different bathroom color scheme ideas. Your eyes will feast on myriad color schemes that will surely make your bathroom stands out from the rest—depending on your moods and feelings. Okay, indulge and choose your color!

It’s as if you’re walking at the surface of the earth! The colors are just to homey to indulge in bathing forever!

  1. Corporate looking as you are—hardwood gives the feeling that you are one with the earth. The bathroom is back to its neutrality—a warm color that stimulates everyone’s appetite. It represents steadfastness and simplicity.

  1. It may look darker here but worry not. This room creates wholesome feeling—the dark brown tiles seem as if you’re connecting with the earth. It reminds you to stay grounded to help you feel like you fit in and belong.

  1. The tile used in this shower is amazing! It symbolizes everything natural and organic. The smaller tile detail is communicating spaces of comfort and character.

  1. Holy beige! Like going back retro, the cabinets have some sense of same pureness and softness—as if you’re bathing to the tune Frank Sinatra on the radio!

  1. It is so stylish that you’d wish to coffee in there after bathing. The cabinets painted with a shade of ivory sets relaxed tone of understated elegance.

  1. The stone shower tile and the marble counter and floor offer some of the crisp and coolness of the bathroom.

  1. We just love the contrast! The light and darkness play a central role in the formation of wisdom and perfection—you’d definitely love to think big here!

  1. True, the gray tiles spell emotionless—like dull, conservative and sophisticated. But, the tiles on the walls communicate strength and power!

  1. The colors are married—like a couple whose femininity and masculinity blend perfectly.

  1. This bathroom invites good vibes. Its open space embraces possibilities.

  1. The dark gray subway tile is superb! We love how designs become industrial and homey at the same time!

  1. The light stone tile in this bathroom deal with solidity and being grounded—it represents elegance at its finest!

  1. The cabinets strive for highlights versus true color balance. They are adorable!

  1. The calmness comes from its wide spaces—like you could dance the bathing away!

  1. The walls and stone tiles in this bathroom are candidates for the best in combination award! They are elegance packed in fascinating color scheme.

  1. Matched with the stone style of this shower and floor, the bathroom color is stimulating and vibrant. It is fierce in all levels!

  1. The divergence of marbled countertops and floor, the stone tile around the bathub and the dark hardwood are astonishing! You’d want to live here.

  1. Elegance is always couple with stylish wallpapers and open spaces. Bathrooms like this is a delight!

  1. This bathroom let you want to sing “… take me home, country home to the place I belong…” And, who wouldn’t love rustic designs?

  1. Like condo in the metropolis, this industrial style works perfectly with a splendid blue and white combination here.

  1. You don’t need complication in life to be perfect—all you need is some white and gray spaces to make you indulge in absolute freedom!

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