25+ Princess Room Decorating Ideas and Tips

Princess Room Decorating Ideas

Decorated Princess Rooms are often ordered by girls, they often opt for delicate and feminine decorations, some request a totally pink room, others do not give up a thematic room, meaning each child has a specific wish.

The Princesses are loved by all the girls and young women, they are part of the fairy tales, and the most beloved are: Beautiful (Beauty and the Beast), Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. Nowadays Disney Princesses are required to decorate not only girls’ rooms, but also birthday parties.

Decorated and Creative Princess Rooms: Tips for Decorating

The first step to having a princess bedroom is to choose one of the Disney Princesses to make up the decor. For example, if you choose Cinderella , the predominant colors of the decoration should be blue and white, if you choose Snow White, the colors of the decoration should be blue, yellow and red, in the case of Bela de A Bela and the Fera, the predominant color should be yellow and finally, if you choose Sleeping Beauty, the predominant colors of the decoration should be pink and white.

Once you paint the walls with the color of the chosen theme, the next step is to choose the furniture, which can be planned or not. Among those that can not miss are: a bed with a headboard that reminds the fairy tales, a veil that should be placed on the bed, bedding with the theme prints, curtains with the colors or prints of the chosen princess, a wardrobe, nightstand and other furniture with the style of the fairy tale and others.

Nowadays many shops specializing in decoration market the furniture designed perfect for this type of decoration.

An idea to leave the princess room creative, is to bet on furniture with different formats such as pumpkin, carriage, castle, apple and others.

In antique stores it is easy to find mirrors similar or similar to fairy tales, these mirrors are perfect to leave the room decoration more real. Try placing the mirror on the wall opposite the bed or on a dresser.

For those girls who love these fictional stories, the best tip is to add a wall sticker or a wallpaper with the picture of the princess you like the most in the decor of your rooms.

The decor can be made with the theme of just one princess or with all, this will depend on the taste of each child or teenager.

The floor should receive a mat color theme that does not accumulate dust, thus avoiding allergies.

A large banner that covers one of the walls is perfect for the younger girls’ rooms.

The babies room with Princesses decoration need not receive the decoration, fairy tales images because the little may be scared and that affect their sleep. So if you want to decorate a Princess-themed baby’s room, invest in furniture, paintings and objects that follow only the predominant colors of the theme.

In Decorated Princess Rooms, some items should be added, such as: picture frames that match the theme, lampshade with theme color, Princess dolls that should be scattered throughout the room, pictures with the Princesses and more.

For girls who are of school age, a good option is to put in the room a table and a chair with the patterns or colors of the theme.
Although only Cinderella has a predominant color, pink, it is common for many girls, no matter the chosen princess, to choose only this color in the decoration of their rooms.

The colors most used in the decorated rooms of the Princesses, besides pink, are: lilac, yellow, white and pastel shades of blue and green.
Some figures can be added to the walls of Princesses decorated rooms such as butterflies, rainbows, hearts, crystal slippers, apple, trees, fairies, witches and others.

The princess bedroom lighting should be white and beamed with a chandelier with the decor theme, spotlights on the ceiling, recessed lighting or ordinary fluorescent or LED lamps.

If you have a daughter who loves fairy tales, or if you are a teenager who dreams of a Disney Princess theme room, here are some pictures in the gallery with different styles to please every girl.



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