30 Kitchens with Cooking Island / Meal – See Tips and Ideas!

Kitchens with cooking island have left the restaurants and professional kitchens to invade homes and apartments, where they transfer sophistication and modernity to the service space. In this model of kitchen, the central bench (island) or bench leaning against a wall (peninsula) can be used in different ways: in the most compact versions, it basically houses cooktop stoves and a work area for the preparation and location of meals. But when there is more space, the island can hold vats, ovens and cabinets. So the difference from an American kitchen to the cooking island, is that not always an integrated kitchen will have the cooktop on the island. Now come with me to be inspired!

We can use the cooking island in both the kitchen and the barbecue area. On the bench can be made a shelf around, which will serve as a table for the meals; make the meal bench a level higher than the island or else all on the same level. Regarding the choice of cabinets, stones and banquettes, there are numerous models, colors and types of stones – for neutral kitchens, the ideal is to use cabinets in white, wood or fendi, white, black or brown stones and white or black banquettes .

If you like colors, you can abuse and daring, like choosing red, yellow or your favorite color stones on the island, the cabinets may also be colored or just the stools.

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