5 Dining Design Ideas and Tips

Dining Design Ideas

The dining room must be a fun and inviting place at home, as well as a family favorite place to share stories. Do you spend more time having dinner together formally or more often having a casual breakfast together near the kitchen? Do you prefer a closed or outdoor atmosphere ?

Whatever the choice, think of a practical dining room according to the needs and habits of family members at home.

Below are 5 dining design ideas and tips that you can adopt to your place when planing to re-arrange or remodel your dining area.

1. Simple two           

Create a dining room with a view out near the window in a very limited space. Simple details through the choice of bright colors on the furniture can bring a relaxed atmosphere even in the smallest corner of the house.


2. Casual and Open

For a more casual dining activity, a breakfast table in island unit ( island ) a small stick with open kitchen counter can be presented with a design scheme that is consistent with all the spaces in the house.

After the dining, you may also want to check this kitchen concepts that may suit your dining area:

3. Thematic Gallery

Duplicate the function of the dining room as an art gallery at home. Create a specific color theme to match the style of painting or artwork that is made into the background of the dining table. You can also enter a variety of decorative lights that are of artistic value to enhance the look of the dining room.


4. Stylish Bar

You can also disguise the presence of the dining room through a high dining table parallel to the kitchen table. For seating, choose a legged bar stool. The space that seems lifted up frees the lower area so that it doesn’t look crowded.


5. Semi-  outdoor

This tiny dining room is designed with a semi- outdoor atmosphere   with a glass wall around which gives a view to the outdoor space. Although small, the atmosphere of the room still follows the concept of a contemporary classic house. The chair was chosen in a classic style that was not simple and not bulky . Likewise, the semi-classic detail dining table with the right size for four people.



Tips on designing a dining room at home with a limited area as follows:

– Furniture wear that can accommodate the needs of the number of residents but does not fill the space.

-Could be possible to place the dining room close to one of the windows so as to create sufficient circulation and free view.

-If the dining room joins the  pantry  (clean / dry kitchen), prioritize the comfort of eating and cooking activities.

-Combine several furniture models to save space and circulation (movement of people). For example, combining the long bench ( bench ) on one side and single seats on the other hand, also in order to look more attractive space.

-Although it’s small, it doesn’t mean you can’t steal attention. Use soft colors for the overall look ( general ), then give the accent color that lights up so that it is  eye catching . Align colors with accents in the living room or living room adjacent to the dining room.

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