6 Small House Design Inspirations with Modern and Classic Look

Small House Designs
Small House Designs

Choosing the right house plan for your future home is a bit challenging due to many factors. One of which is budget where this will affect ho big or small the house, the material to use and quality.

Small house designs are the choice when you have a tight budget. With this you can be sure that you will not be short of money as this designs are intended for small budget. Normally bedrooms will range from one to three and includes all the basic rooms like, living, dining, kitchen and bathroom.

When looking for additional features like the garage, this would require additional budget. Porch added to the main house would also require additional of course, so this would really mean that any additional area would be additional cost.

This small house design is elevated with 4 steps, accent brick wall at the front, walls fully painted with dull yellow color. Doors and windows are made of aluminum powder coated with white and consist of 6 mm clear or tinted green glass. Roof is a hipped roof type with Tegula roof tiles.

Simple small house design with extra ordinary colors, where columns and partial wall area navy blue painted and the rest of the walls area painted with pink. Also elevated with four steps to reach the porch area made of ceramic brown tiles. Sloping roof on opposite side, aluminum sliding windows and doors.

This one storey house is simple with bright colors which is very inviting.

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