8 Boat Houses that proves comfortable living

boat houses

For a romantic weekend or a few days holiday, these boat houses allows the proximity to the sea without leaving aside the comfort of urban life.

In the following gallery, check out 8 projects around the world that have made boat houses comfortable, modern and perfect spaces even to live!

Above is the Nautilus House Boats, designed by Nautilus Maxi, is a boat house large enough to house six people comfortably. A small deck is on the lower level covered by a full rooftop.

Call Floating, this houseboat is prefabricated and self-sustaining. Its design is signed by Friday, a Portuguese design studio that began at the University of Coimbra. The modular design allows you to choose between a studio or a fully furnished 3 bedroom house that floats to the desired location.


Located in the Netherlands on the river Spaarne, near the center of Haarlem, the Houseboat Haarlem Shuffle, designed by vanOmmeren-architecten office opens to the water with windows that go from floor to ceiling, while the side facing the street is closed to ensure privacy.


The designer and owner ofboat house is Marek Ridky, the Flowhouse in the Czech Republic. Thesayboart was made for a couple who wanted to escape the city on weekends. The upper room has skylights through which you can see the stars.


The office Vandeventer + Carlander Architects are the authors of Lake Union Floating Home, which is on Lake Union in Washington. The boat house has two floors that offer different visual stimuli.

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Located in Rummerlsburg side in Berlin, Germany, the house boat Welcome Beyond is available for rental. The space can house two adults and two children comfortably to relax in the water without departing too much from civilization.


Call “O” from Squisito Boat House was designed by X-Architects with straight and contemporary features and a white and glass exterior. The upper level houses the social areas, while at the bottom are the bedrooms, bathrooms and the driver’s cabin.


The Tatami House was designed by Julius Taminiau Architects as part of a floating village in Amsterdam. The design of the house was based on the shapes of a tatami.

Source: Design-milk

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