Affordable 2-bedroom Townhouse Design

2-bedroom Townhouse Design

Affordability of a house is one of the major concern of many house seekers today. Another factor is space and location. With that said, this townhouse  design offers these features. The total floor area is 69 square meters and can be built in a 45 square meters lot.

In spite of the small floor area, this townhouse is still complete with all the features of a standard house. The ground floor consists of the carport that can accommodate one car. Right side of the carport is the stairs and underneath the staircase is a common toilet and bath serving the ground floor

The living area, dining and kitchen  occupied most of the ground and combined together to make the space a bit more since no partitions provided. At the kitchen area is an exit door going to the service area and can also be used as laundry area and dirty kitchen.

The second floor mainly composed of the 3 bedrooms, where bedroom 1 & 2 area located at the rear and master’s bedroom is the the front, provided with a small terrace.

With all the features discussed in here, this townhouse design seem to be very efficient as you can own a house with 3 bedrooms in a 69 square meter total floor area.

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