Building a Cottage-inspired Home

Are you familiar with a cottage? Have you dreamed of  living in a cottage-like home?  A cottage is usually a small, cozy and modest house usually built in a rural area along the river, a beach or in a hill or a farm.

This house featured today maybe small but it is complete and livable.  It is deal for a couple who just married and about to start a family.  This simple and small cottage-inspired house may also be a good choice for someone who wishes to live independently, those seeking for privacy and peace of mind.

A house does not necessarily need to be really big, as long as it serves its purpose – to give shelter and comfort, then it is more than good.

Whether big or small, the way you design it really matters.  Actually, it is better to start with a small house especially when you have a limited budget.  You can always opt for extensions soon when you are already able ti finance a larger home.

The model house here has a small balcony at the entrance.  The chandelier adds beauty and posh to its appearance. The two pillars serve not only as strongholds but also an ornament, installed with bricks, they look more classy.

The glass windows and the wide glass door have made this house inspired with modern design.  They made it look a little more sophisticated.


This house occupies a total area of ​​75 square meters.  It has two bedrooms, the other bedroom is obviously larger with an attached bathroom to it, one living area which continues to the dining area and the kitchen.  It also has a small balcony at the entrance.

This completed house is estimated to cost around 800,000-1 million pesos, but the cost actually depends on the kind of materials that you will use to build it.

Some cottages are built with wood, bricks and stones for it to appear more of a rural property but you can always modify your materials into something that suit your preferences or the location where you will built it.

It has a parking area and a yard, too.  So, what more could you ask for? Whether small or large, what matters most is that you ave a house you can call your own.

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  1. Magandang umaga:
    First, We like the way you co-operate with other web sites.

    We are looking for a small house that will fit a lot 10m * 15m. We are getting old and there are only two of us to shelter. Your cottage design 75 sqm house might be all we need. May we please know how much the detailed plans for this house cost?

    Thank you.

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