Building your Contemporary Bungalow with Style

Many people today when asked about their dream house, they would reply something like “a simple bungalow with a spacious lawn planted with different ornamental plants and some fruit-bearing trees.”

Well, there had been many bungalow houses that have been featured in our website and hopefully these house designs have at least inspired you to build your own.  But, from time to time, the research team is always looking for new house designs to feature to give our readers an idea on what to build or how to design their own homes.

Everyday, there are new concepts and there are new house designs that are made.  Here is another one that we are featuring on this issue.

From afar, this bungalow house really looks stunning.  It is not lavishly decorated though but the use of stones and bricks on its walls and pillars undoubtedly added to its beauty.

This design may not be different from the ones that you already have seen on this website or in other websites.  Like many house designs, this one comes with the car parking located in the frontage.  The garage is open unlike in other designs where it is enclosed with walls and has a garage door.

Some prefer it to be open like this because it gives an impression of a more space rather than when it is closed with a garage door.  Whatever your preferences are, you can always design according to what you think is best for you.  A Garage door makes your car safe and free from being stolen.

This bungalow house has three big  bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen with a dining, a balcony, and a washing or laundry area.

One bedroom has an attached bathroom to it.  The largest bedroom in a house with an attached bathroom is often considered as the master bedroom.

This design has the living room and dining share the space together and this is often seen in most bungalow designs though it is also good to combine the dining and the kitchen together and build a demarcation or a divider if you want it to be hidden from the living room.

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