Bungalow House Concept with 3 Bedrooms

Bungalow houses are so unique in terms of their design. The roof is mostly designed to be hipped roof which can withstand strong winds due to the truss assemblies. Simple square or rectangular shapes are the common layout yet still projects a very elegant aesthetic view from the outside.

This bungalow house concept has 3 bedrooms, two toilet and bath, dining, kitchen and living room. Porch and garage on the outside that can accommodate one vehicle. Main floor is elevated from the garage for safety on low flooding specially if your lot is located in low lying areas.

Garage roof is also designed to be concrete slab making it more sturdy in times of eathquakes, but be sure to have it design structurally to be safe.

The outside color scheme consists of dark grey on the lower wall will white moulding exactly on the level on the main floor line. Majority of the wall is off-white color and wall accent made of brciks.

Windows are made of aluminum frames with 6 mm glass clear or reflective in appearance giving more privacy on the interior. The main door is also made of aluminum frame and sliding type door. Interior doors are mode of wood panels.

the floor is made of white ceramic tiles with an option to choose granite tiles. Floor on the bedrooms are wood parquet or wood shingles.



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