Bungalow with an Impressive Exterior Color and Roofs

Bungalows are always beautiful and impressive no matter how they are styled or designed. Their beauty never goes outmoded. Bungalows have been popular and almost the top choice of prospective home buyers. They are preferred by most home owners because of their manageability, accessibility, and low maintenance.

Bungalows are good to build in huge compounds or lot areas that are considerably large because home owners need to consider that they are building a single-storey house where all of the parts or areas of the house will fit in in just one floor and therefore it must be expansive.

The choice of apple green as the main paint color for the bulk of the house gives an impression of cool environment and reflects nature.

Archinect stresses that color is an integral element of our world, not just in the natural environment but also in the man-made architectural environment. Color always played a role in the human evolutionary process. The environment and its colors are perceived, and the brain processes and judges what it perceives on an objective and subjective basis. Hence, the goals of color design in an architectural space are not relegated to decoration alone. In short, it confirms that human response to color is total – it influences us psychologically and physiologically. The color for our exterior and interior affect how we think and how we behave and therefore we should choose the best color that reflects positive energy to the one looking at it.

The bulk of the house is enhanced by painting it with apple green while the other architectural features and trims are painted with white.

Some columns and some pillars are decorated with bricks or brown tiles and this is a good contrast to the apple green that is sued as the main color. The windows and doors are made of glass and white aluminum frame.  It used stainless steel as a railing on the front porch.

The exterior is designed like maybe most of the bungalows that we have seen so far.  Windows are always an attraction especially if they are huge and they are adorned with banisters or grills and they are painted with a different color other than the major paint used so that they may be distinct and they will provide contrast to the monochrome house.

If you decorate your posts or your walls with brick, see to it that they are not spread in a vast expanse so that they would not look boring.  Bricks are only used as accessories to accentuate an area to enhance its appearance.

In this design, the bricks are used only as accessories that match the pint of the house which is beige.  The color of the bricks also matches the wall paint.



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