Classic Two Storey House Design with Three Bedrooms

Classic Two Storey House Design
Classic Two Storey House Design

Classic two storey house design is still very popular nowadays and there’s always a impression of luxury. Two storey house designs are expected to have wider interior space when lot is wider and smart way to maximize space if your lot is small or narrow width.

The total floor area of this classy house is 169 square meters, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, dining, kitchen and 2-car garage. Its exterior fashions stone details that adorn the second floor and appear alongside glassy windows. The black iron railing of the balcony as well as the one decorating the side of the edifice both create a modern design.

The living room is 3.0 meters by 3.5 meters with granite floor, recesses ceiling with pin lights and circular lamp at the center. Surrounding wall is painted with white color with wooden baseboard. main entrance door consist of ribbon of glass with powder coated aluminum sliding door.

At the side is a wide window also made of glass framed with aluminum. Fronting the living room is a TV cabinet set with contrasting color of white and dark brown for the cabinet doors.

Stair is designed and arrange so that the underneath is used as a storage area. The stair steps are made of wood planks giving more classy look and wooden railing.

The ground floor plan consists of the 2 car garage which measures 5.2 meters by 5.0 meters. before entering the house, there is a small porch area which protects the main entrance form sunlight and and rain. Opening the main entrance will lead you to the living room combined with the dining area. Kitchen is located at the left side which is isolated or not open to the dining, keeping it isolated will not allow any fumes from the kitchen during the busy cooking session. At the back is a small work area or service area and can also be used as laundry area.

The second floor mainly composed of the 3 bedrooms, one en-suite toilet and bath for the master’s bedroom and common bathroom serving the two bedrooms. If you feel that classic¬†two storey house design is the right type of house for you, this can be a good reference for you so feel free to use this design.

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  1. This is a beautiful design ,perfect fit for not big space ,I love it ,trust me these would make good money if positioned as villas

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