Compact One Storey House With Two Bedrooms And Two Bathrooms

one storey house

One storey house plans have their own pros and cons. One of the many advantages of having this house is accessibility, with each room is easier to reach from one room to another. Although space can be an issue, you can quickly solve this by using a room for multipurpose.

Is it possible to maintain a one storey house with two bedrooms without having the anxious feeling that the space is too small or too crowded? Yes, that is possible.

Just take a look at this unique townhouse-style one storey house.

This modern one storey house is a semi-detached house. It has all the rooms that the family needs to live in comfort: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. Since it’s a single detached house, there is enough space to park a city car or a terrace set to relax in the afternoon.

This house also has big, door-sized windows that guarantee ventilation and light.

The design for this single storey house is simple and straightforward. Upon entering the house, you will find the living room on the left and the first bedroom on the right. Just a few steps from the living room and bedroom is the common toilet and bath and the kitchen.

There are two bedrooms in this one. Both bedrooms have a similar floor area but the first room can be used as a Master’s Bedroom as it has an attached toilet and bath.

Since there is no designated area for the dining room, you have two options: You can build an island in the kitchen which can also serve as a preparation table or you can place the dining table along the living room.

Here is the floor plan of this one storey house:

This modern one storey house plan is a decent sized home, especially for families who prefer a smaller or compact house. Even if there’s limited space, it has all the rooms that you need.

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