Contemporary bungalow with three bedrooms and L-shape veranda

The beauty of a bungalow never gets outmoded.  It evolves and undergoes innovations as time goes by. It is timeless and its popularity increases no matter how many years pass.

This article says that the word “bungalow” originated in India from the Gujarati word “bańgalo”, meaning “Bengali” and describing a “house in the Bengal style”.  Such houses were traditionally small, thatch-roofed, with only one storey and a large veranda. 

The English first used the term for the modest dwellings of their sailors in India.  Later it took on exotic connotations portraying the British Raj officials’ lodgings.  Only after the First World War did developers begin to use the term again to designate smaller houses with all the living on one floor.

A bungalow has many benefits.  First and foremost it has open floor plan, meaning you can easily rearrange or modify its interior by not altering any foundation of the structure.  It is also a preferred home for the elderly and kids because all the rooms are located in just one floor and no requirements of climbing up the stairs to get to the other rooms for any necessities.

This bungalow has a very appealing design.  It is elevated 6 steps higher than the ground.  This elevation makes the house look more beautiful and its L-shape veranda adds appeal to its overall appearance.  The placement of the bedrooms (check the floor plan below) is great, however, you can modify that if you think you need to move the kitchen to the other side depending on your feng shui elements.  You can do that without altering the design of the exterior.

Product Specifications:

  • elevated one-storey house
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • living room
  • kitchen and dining
  • L-shape veranda
  • garage
  • Budget: USD 30,000-40,000 or Php 1.5-2M

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*This house design was grabbed from Facebook.

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