Contemporary Bungalow with Two Bedrooms and a Royal Room

The beauty of the bungalow design never goes outmoded or out fashioned.  Bungalows have been there since time immemorial.  They are preferred by most home owners because of their manageability, accessibility, and low maintenance.

Bungalows are applicable to compounds or lot areas that are considerably huge because home owners need to consider that they are building a single storey house where all of the parts or areas of the house will fit in in just one floor.


The exterior is designed like maybe most of the bungalows that we have seen so far.  Windows are always an attraction especially if they are huge and they are adorned with banisters or grills and they are painted with a different color other than the major paint used so that they may be distinct and they will provide contrast to the monochrome house.

If you decorate your posts or your walls with brick, see to it that they are not spread in a vast expanse so that they would not look boring.  Bricks are only used as accessories to accentuate an area to enhance its appearance.

In this design, the bricks are used only as accessories that match the pint of the house which is beige.  The color of the bricks also matches the wall paint.

This bungalow is built in a total area of 10 x 14 meters.  This is really a large bungalow that houses 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and one  1 royal room or guest room.

It is not really mandatory to have a guest room for every house.  You can always build your house with only your room to consider or if you have kids, you may want to build for them a separate room so that you may have a privacy with your spouse.

If you have spare room in your house, you may think of converting it to a guest room for unexpected guests who may be visiting.  And if you do consider building a guest room, you should always bear in mind that the basics of a guest room is to offer comfort to the one who will be using it to sleep over.

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