Contemporary Thai-Style Three-Bedroom Single Storey House

single storey house
This contemporary Thai-style single level house is simple yet attractive.

If you are thinking of building a new house, one of the things that you need to consider is choosing between a single storey house or a multilevel home. While a two-storey house provides more liveable space for the family, a single storey house is still ideal.

A single storey house is less expensive to build and to maintain. It is safer for families who have younger children, mobility challenged people, elderlies, and even pets. Although there are lesser rooms compared to a multilevel home, a one storey house still provides enough space for the family as you can combine different rooms for multiple purposes.

This contemporary Thai-style single storey house consists of three bedrooms, two bedrooms, a spacious living room, a kitchen, and a balcony on a 117 square meters floor area. It has a simple yet attractive looking front facade.

This house has an elevated feature, making it safe from low flooding, especially if the location of the house is in a low area. The porch can be reached by climbing the five-step ladder. The porch, which acts as a balcony too, is designed to be a sitting area to relax or a breakfast nook.

There are several windows surrounding the walls of this single storey house, guaranteeing that the whole home has proper lighting and ventilation. The walls are painted in cream, allowing the light to perfectly illuminate the whole space.

The kitchen has access to the service area at the back. This door can also be used as a secondary entryway to the house.

Adding to the overall sophistication to the house is the bathroom. The two bathrooms have floor to ceiling tiles. Each bathroom has a marmot lavatory as a centrepiece.

What do you think about this contemporary single storey house? Do you think this best fit your criteria for an ideal home?

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