Cozy One-Bedroom house designs

Many house owners, especially those who are first time apartment owners prefer plain and simple dwellings that allow easy decluttering, cleaning, and rearranging.  Though it looks and sounds luxurious to be living in big homes, the one-bedroom apartment encourages many singles or newly weds to choose it over wide residence because of its simplicity, manageability, and it offers cozy space and privacy.

It is beneficial whether you are building your own or renting one because it surely costs less than a two-bedroom unit.  You will save more on the construction cost or on rent, which you will definitely use on other important stuffs to decorate your home.  As a bonus, you spend minimally on buying decors, furniture, and appliances that will fit your place and, hence, no need to buy expensive stuffs.

This modern one-bedroom offers a contemporary design that allows the residents easy maneuvering around the house, cozy room sizes with shared space for spacious receiving area and dining area, roomy kitchen, luxury amenities like a large tub, appliances, and petite but comfortable bathrooms.

Imagine having all the parts of your house  offer you a luxurious  space and ease of moving around.  This one-bedroom design offers you the comfort and coziness of having a spacious bedroom, living room and dining area, kitchen and bathroom with some extra space for a number of furniture or appliances that you might be needing for your convenience.

Space may be the concern of future house owners but if the parts of the house are neatly in place like this one-bedroom design, space will never be an issue.  The bedroom which is probably the most important part of any dwelling because it is where the occupants sleep and have rest, is always situated in a comfortable area that allows easy access and always ventilated and receives natural light with careful design and location of windows.

The other parts of the house are arranged simple and orderly which gives the ambiance of cheerfulness and positivity.

One bedroom also offers the ambiance of sophistication if the owner knows how to decorate it and arrange its parts.   In this design, the bedroom and the living room both have a large windows that allow natural light to  stream in.

The kitchen and dining area is spacious enough to allow a number of guests to have a simple eating-bonding party.  The design here looks nice but it can still be rearranged according to the preferences of the occupants. One-bedroom houses and apartments are always manageable.


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