Dainty Two-bedroom Bungalow for Beginners

Whether you are looking for a temporary place to stay or you’re looking for a permanent residence, bungalows never go out of fashion. They are always preferred because of their manageability, accessibility, and its low maintenance.

This petite and dainty bungalow is very ideal for newly wed couples since they do not have children to raise yet.  It may also be preferred by a single occupant who is looking for some freedom to live on his own with all the amenities provided by this small two-bedroom bungalow.


The facade of this bungalow is so dainty considering its tile design and the color and style of the two big posts which do not only serve as support to the house but serve as an ornament as well.

The color combination of white and pink expresses a mood of femininity, sophistication and simplicity.  This is ideal for female occupants but can also be the home of a masculine who gives in to the whims of his partner who prefers a dainty design.

Contradictory to most of the convention that pink is only a color for female, the color pink  symbolizes love, compassion and caring for all the people who live inside of a house painted with pink or with decors that are pink.

It is a color that represent unconditional love and devotion and is therefore advisable to be used as a wall paint or as decors in the living room and in a bedroom.   

This petite kitchen, though it is somewhat small, is just enough for a couple starting their life together.  A kitchen may not be as sophisticated.  What is important is for it to have a place to cook, a sink to wash dishes, and a strong surface that holds the materials and other stuffs that may be placed in a kitchen.  Similarly, this petite kitchen has cabinets where to keep those stuffs for  more organized stuffs.

It has approximately one meter or 1.5 meters space on all sides, which allows for easy mobility and for accessibility of the backyard.

The glass windows and the glass door add a modern look to this small bungalow.  It may be remodeled to have a second floor if the foundation is enough to hold a second level structure or it may be reinforced if needed.


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