Double-storey House on Elevated Flooring

If you have a big family, you need a double-storey house to live comfortably.  Today, we are featuring another double-storey house where you may get an idea from.  This is a modern house design though there may be some aspects of it that may suggest being contemporary.

Check on the different photos of its details and then you can decide whether you want to copy it or want to make your home similar to it.  It always depends on your taste, needs, budget, and other requirements that may affect your choice.

What I like in this double-storey house is the design.  It looks so simple but its simplicity is enough to draw attention.  The three pillars on its frontage do not only provide support and stronghold to the house but they also serve an aesthetic function.  They make the facade look more impressive.

The house is elevated a little higher from the ground, some four steps in the stair.  This gives an impression that the house is little higher than usual or standard height but it looks great with its design.  Elevating the flooring of the house will protect t from flood especially in areas where there is a tendency of overflooding during rainy season.


This is the back door.  Obviously, the flooring is elevated and you need to go down the ground with three steps.  The elevation is quite high and it is good enough to prevent flood water to enter the house.

The lines are very suggestive of modern architecture.  Simple and basic design.  Modern architecture does not need to be lavish and does not need many decorations and complex design.

The huge glass door enhances the appearance of the facade together with use of bricks on the walls and the three pillars.  Those bricks look more impressive if they are used as accents only, it means that you only cover some architectural features with bricks and not all areas.

The choice of tile design and color greatly depends on one’s personality.  Some designers would suggest to use tile color that is associated with water for the bathroom.


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