Double Storey House with a Stunning Exterior and Expansive 1st Level Terrace

What is the first thing that you notice in this house? Is it the design of the exterior, the paint color, or the expansive veranda on the first level? Well, you may answer one or all of the above!

This double storey house is classified as a modern contemporary house, designed to be built on approximately 160 square meters. The architect designed it to have a stunning exterior to attract its viewers.

The combination of orange and white as the dominant paint color suggest a very happy and cheerful ambiance. Well, many of you know very well that the color you choose to paint your room will affect your mood when you spend time in that room.  This principle does not only apply to the interior but also to the exterior.

While it is true that you won’t be spending hours outside your home just looking at the paint color of your exterior, think of what mood it could give to the passersby and the neighborhood as well.  Imagine all houses including yours are painted with pastel blue or beige. Do you think it would ever look good? Looking at the same color all around you gives a feeling of dull and lifeless surroundings.

So, always choose a color that is very appealing to the eyes.  The principle of color is that you may use two colors – one is used for the bulk of your house and the other color is used to paint the trims and other special features like the window grills, frames, posts, balustrade, and other architectural features.


The ground floor features the car porch, a veranda, a bedroom with a walk-in closet and an attached bathroom, and spacious living and dining rooms, and a kitchen.  With this size, mobility inside the house takes a lot of ease specially for elderly and children.

The most appealing view the first level gives is the expansive terrace and the veranda.  A house with a terrace and a veranda is perhaps the most coveted type of house of everyone.  The terrace and the veranda allow for an spacious area to sit in during relaxation like having a morning coffee or late night chit chat with a friend over the phone.

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