Elegant One Storey House Design

Deciding whether you should build a one storey or two storey house is one of the first concerns of first time home owners.  Most often, house designers would suggest to them to acquire or build a one storey home and this has been the most suitable option especially if you are considering mostly the budget and the block size of your property.

This house design features a single storey residence with a size of 15 meters width and 14 meters deep.  The living area is about 160 square meters with three bedrooms, three WC, one Phra room, one kitchen, one storage, one front terrace and one hall (living room.)

The overall exterior features an attractive design with large glass windows giving an impression of luxury and elegance. This is very suitable for home owners who prefer natural light and ventilation in the house.

The combination paint of gray and brown gives an aura of serenity and coolness.  Color is one important factor that balances the mood of the ambiance.


The facade features an elevated veranda and entrance accentuated with an elegant stainless balustrade which adds to its captivating appearance.


The backdoor features a stairway with stainless balustrade that matches the front veranda.  The elevated look offers a balance to the overall height of the house giving an impression of modern and extraordinary design.

The center of the house features a simple yet elegant-looking ceiling accentuated with stylish center light.  The floor’s centerpiece adds style and grace to the design allowing an impression of balance in the tile color and wall paint.

The front veranda showcases a sophisticated look with this floor centerpiece that matches the color of  wall post paint of chocolate brown.  The design of the balusters adds to its concept of modern and stylish one storey house which makes attracts first time viewers.

The bathrooms should offer a comfortable appearance and finished with surfaces that easy to clean and simple.  Most designs prefer tiles that have a rough surface and with dark color to give an impression that it can resist stain like the one shown in this bathroom.

A small kitchen is charming but it is a little tricky to give a stylish and functional design.  In this kitchen, the combination of colors between white and shades of brown and grey gives its perfect look.

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