Elevated Classic Three-bedroom House

If you are the one who is looking for a new house to buy or a new design to construct, what would be your preferences? Would you go for a house with a spacious front yard?  Indeed, a house with a large compound is the attraction of many prospective house owners these days.  This is because of the many possibilities that the spacious compound may be converted into a swimming pool, a pretty landscape, a patio, an extended veranda, or a lavish gazebo that adds to its attractive entrance.

This elevated classic three-bedroom house’s first attraction is its large front yard and the large glass windows and door.  Nearly every possible add on and amenity works great with this stylish space. Guest would love to come for morning coffee or early evening chit-chat.

A coffee table with chairs may be situated in one of the corners in front of this house or it may be placed under a shade of a tree or just in front the veranda.

This 10.50 x 9.80 meters house is just right to house three bedrooms, spacious living room, cozy kitchen, and two bathrooms.

With 3 bedrooms, it offers enough rooms that may be converted into an office and a guest room or a spacious wardrobe, or a music room and a kid’s room.  There are many options for this three-bedroom design.

The relatively spacious living room gives a bonus space that may also be converted into a music room or half of it may be used as a bar. Above all, the layout give you many ideas on how to remodel this house later on.

The open area in the front yard is a good site for a swimming pool. Although most prospective house owners would prefer to put up an extended covered area to house guests during gatherings.

The patio going to the veranda may also be converted as a parking space or it may be built with a recreation area that adjoins to the main house. Many things can be done with this kind of design especially if the prospective house owners are creative and resourceful in transforming their house into a haven.

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