Elevated One Story House With 128 Sq. M. Floor Area

elevated one story house

Elevated one story house with 4 steps to reach the porch area has total floor area of 128 square meters. The dimension of the building is 8 meters in width and 16 meters in depth. To build this deign as single detached, you must have at least 12 meters by 20 meters to allow at least 2 meters setback all around.

This house concept offers a very simple design as can be seen from the floor plan. The arrangement of columns are only in 2 columns so the layout of the foundation footings will be simple.

The color scheme of the house allows the designer to express his personal feel about the house. Combination of light grey and light blue on the walls are very cool to the eyes.

Bright orange wood screen at the porch serves its purpose in making privacy to this area. Brick work is also applied to the columns and some portions of the wall at the front. The right side is combination of pale blue and wood grain texture on the wall.

Above is another color scheme that the designer presented. Roof is 2 sheds eliminating the use of ridge rolls. I consist of long span G.I. Roofing painted to last. Rood ends are optional to have gutters and roof drains. Porch is finished with terracotta tiles, to have a modern classic look.

Check the floor plan below for more detailed measurements for each rooms. Also included in the plans are the location of columns which is very important in the stability of the structure.

Elevated one story house is the way to go when choosing your future house. With the ever changing climate, typhoons and floods are now becoming more harsher than ever. With the elevated feature of this house, at least you can be ensured that you are safe when water will rise up to 0.6 meters from the finish grade level.

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