Exclusive and Extravagant 4-Bedroom Two Storey House

To have a house you can call your own is a fulfilled achievement when it comes to journey in life specially for those who have their family. But before that, you have to work hard for it, you have to save for it and you have to plan before you can taste the success of having your own house.

Others would rather go for a  monthly amortization from a real estate company so that while working, they can already move-in and enjoy the features of the house they have chosen. But, some would save in bulk and buy a new house for cash or hire a contractor or architect to build their house.

This house is exclusive and extravagant inside and out. It has 4 bedrooms ( 1 at the ground floor and 3 at the upper level) and a total floor area of 151 square meters. The classic design suits very well the surrounding with roof type deigned to be hipped roof.

The main entrance has a small porch with a wide aluminum framed sliding door. At the left side is an open garage which can accommodate 2 cars.



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    Iam interested with this house plan,it’s very nice how can i gate it.

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