Expansive Bungalow with Three Bedrooms with Attached Bathrooms

Dejavuroom defines a bungalow as that refers to a type of house that is usually one-storey. The sitting area and the kitchen are typically located on the lower sections of the house while the bedrooms are usually located on the higher sections of the house. In some bungalows, all the areas of the house are built in an open floor at ground level. In general, any single-storey house is called a bungalow.

Generally, bungalows are built in large compounds and people who love staying in their compounds would prefer to live in this kind of dwelling.

There are many advantages of living in a bungalow.  One of these is its flexibility. Since it is built on large compounds, you can just build an extension if you wish more rooms like a guest room, a music room, or a library as additional areas of your already existing house.

Having a large space means that you can renovate or modify your existing home when you feel like it or when you need to expand for some visitors or other extended family members who may be coming for a vacation.

Bungalows are friendly to old folks and kids.  Since all the areas are built at ground level, that means that there are no stairs involved and therefore no stairs to climb for the ailing senior citizens and for the toddlers. So, there is a very rare chance of falling accidents.

Most bungalows are usually one-storey in most cases. Most have 1.5 floors but they don’t at least have long and tall stairs to climb.  Being a single-storey, almost everyone, old and kids can access it.

They are constructed flexible and are easily customized.  Modifications can be done anytime like if the doors need to be widened  for easier accessibility and if for example wheelchairs used by older people need to be accommodated in rooms.

The bungalows are usually built on the large compounds and this allows the families to accommodate more visitors.  The extra spaces may be used for activities, for gardening, or it may be used to build a gazebo or landscape.

This bungalow  has a total area of 220 square meters and with large bedrooms.  Each bedroom has its own bathroom and there is also a common bathroom making four bathrooms in this house.


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