Expansive Contemporary Bungalow

If you are following our every post, you will know that this not the first time that we feature a bungalow house.  Bungalows or one-storey houses are being featured here in our website every now and then.

A bungalow is a type of a house that is usually one-storey. The sitting area and the kitchen are typically located on the lower sections of the house while the bedrooms are usually located on the higher sections of the house or the elevated portion of the house. In some bungalows, all the areas of the house are built in an open floor at ground level. Some may also divide the house into two main sections: the first one is at ground level and the other one is elevated with few steps higher. In general, any single-storey house is called a bungalow.

Generally, bungalows are built in big lots because they are naturally expansive. All the parts of the house are built on the ground floor, the reason why it needs a big lot to build it.  Unlike in double-storey houses or those that are multiple-level properties where they can place the bedrooms on the upper floors.


The large glass windows on its facade make it appear really elegant.  The glass windows not only provide an aesthetic function but a practical use as well. Glass windows allow natural light to enter into the house and this will make the interior lively and and look bright even without light from flourescent or bulbs.

This is how the back of the hose looks.  It is very neat and clean.  The main paint color of beige complements the dark brown that is used to paint the base.

This single-storey contemporary house has four big bedrooms, two bathrooms, a hallway/reception area, and a kitchen.  It is built in a total area of 145 square meters.  It is estimated to cost around 3M pesos or around US$60,000.

But then again this is just a rough estimate.  We just wanted to give you an idea on how much it costs to build this house.  The real cost will still depend on what kind of materials you will use to build it and how will you design it.

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