Fit For Your Budget: 2-Bedroom Single Storey House

Single Storey House
This single storey house has all the rooms that the occupants need to live in comfort.

Many of us dream of moving from a cramped and cluttered apartment to a house of our own. If you don’t have a huge budget to create a mansion, you can still live comfortably in a single storey house.

A single storey house is popular with the family with young children since it is easier to keep an eye on your kids as there are no stairs that pose a possible risk. This house is also ideal for people living with their parents or even for retirees as there are no stairs to worry about.

The house plan for today has a simple layout. Since it is smaller, there are reduced costs for construction, making it ideal for those who have an average budget.

This single storey house is slightly elevated. If there are natural disasters, your house and the appliance inside are safe from the floods.

Although smaller in size, this house makes use of modern designs. The exterior is painted in different hues of blue, with orange trimmings, creating a minimalist effect. Instead of using a wooden door, tempered glass has been used, not only to allow natural light inside the home but also to create an illusion that it is bigger than it normally is.

From the porch to the main door, you will see the living room on the right and a bedroom on the left.

A short hall will lead you to the kitchen. To save on space, you can place a small island in the middle of the room which can be used for food preparation and as a dining table. The kitchen also has access to the service area at the back.

The bathroom is strategically placed in the middle of the house. Even if this is a single storey house, the toilet and bath has a provision for a bathtub.

This single storey house may be smaller in size but it has all the necessary rooms that the family members would need to live in comfort.

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  1. where are you located? if i have a basic design will you make the architectural plans for the building permit? How much would that be? I plan to build on Camotes early 2020.

  2. This house is amazing, in case I would like to construct it. How would I link up with you for quotations and negotiations?

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