Flexible One-Bedroom House with a Balcony

For those who want to live independently with not so many stuffs to keep, this house on feature in this issue might be the house you are looking for!

This bungalow type one storey house design is very ideal for those seeking for privacy and serenity.

This house is built with only one bedroom, one bathroom and a spacious balcony.  If you are wondering where the other parts of the house are, well, think fast! Notice that the balcony is very spacious and you can just turn it into a dining area so you can have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner al fresco!

To cook your food, you can just use the extra space in the yard to make an improvised kitchen.  It is not really a problem at all. If there is just you living in this house, everything is manageable. Even when you have a companion, cooking will always be fun and exciting when you do it in the open.  It gives an impression of having a picnic outside your home.


The balcony can serve many purposes since it is spacious enough for dining and receiving area for guests.  If you wish to make it into a dining area, just use portable or folding tables and chairs so you can always remove them and keep them out to clear the area.  You can bring them out again if you need them.

This is a top view of the floor plan. It really looks so stunning with its layout.  the balconies really make it look more appealing to viewers.  Anyone who enjoys the sight of  the garden and a breath of fresh air would always prefer this kind of design.

The construction cost depends on what materials will be used.  If you want it to look like it is a house by the river you can just build it simple materials like bamboos and wood and reinforce the pillars with steel and cement.

The manner on how it is built is always dependent on what the owner desires.  But for a house like this type, it is always stunning to see if it is built with just light and simple materials.


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