Floating Park in Rotterdam is Made of Recycled Plastic

The Recycled Island Foundation created the prototype using waste from the city's rivers.

floating park

Pollution is a subject that concerns the entire world population, after all it is a problem that affects all of us. We often come across initiatives such as the Recycled Island Foundation. The initiative removes plastic waste from the city’s rivers and one of the results was the prototype of a floating park that is now open to the public.

The purpose of the foundation is to show that the recycled plastic from the collection of this waste has its value. The park, for example, is 43 m² in size and consists of a series of hexagonal blocks made of 100% recycled material. Besides positive environmental impact, space is beneficial to the river ecosystem, since it serves as habitat for micro and macro faunas – including snails, earthworms, beetles and fish.

Recycled Island FOUNDATION is a young organization whose purpose is to recover the debris found in rivers and springs and to reuse this plastic in a sustainable way. “When we recover the plastic, we actively prevent its growing presence in rivers and oceans,” project founder Ramon Knoester told Designboom.

floating park

In order to collect the material the foundation developed three “pitfalls” for the garbage, which were tested, monitored and optimized to work during a year and a half. This system is capable of capturing plastics using the very current of the rivers, and keeping them trapped even when the current changes direction.

The group also developed floating green structures in collaboration with the Rotterdam government. The idea is to stimulate the ecological mentality in the port of the city. The vegetation can grow in the hexagons, which also provides birds, fish and microorganisms to find food and shelter in the park.

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