Four-Bedroom Bungalow House Concept with 2-Car Garage

Choosing a concept for your future house maybe hard due to so many choices that can be found in the web today. Some are looking for small house, budget home, or compact home because of the ever rising price of building materials specially sand, gravel and reinforcing steel bars. Other are also looking for more space to comfortably live and stay in a bit more spacious house.

This bungalow house has a total floor area of 232 square meters with 20.5o meters width and 12.5 meters depth. it has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2-car garage and other rooms that makes up a complete house.

This concept maybe big for others due to its total footprint, but when choosing a concept that you can comfortably live with, this design is perfect for you.

Designed with 2-car garage, the porch can be reached by going through the four steps, elevated in such a manner that the finish floor line is at 750 mm from the grade line. This is an advantage when your lot is located in low lying areas.

The elevated portion of the house is to avoid floods from reaching this level, specially the furniture and clothing inside the house.

Main door is made of aluminum framed sliding door with 6 mm clear glass and opens to the main living or receiving area. Looking at the floor plan, the living room is 8 meters by 5 meters ( 40.0 sq.m.), huge enough to accommodate sizable guests.

The four bedrooms are located and accommodates 2 sides of the living area which includes an en-suite bathroom for 1 bedroom at the right side serving as the master’s bedroom. The 2 other rooms are above the living area when looking at the plan, with common bathroom at the right side.

Dining, kitchen and service area are located at the left side of the house with one door at the kitchen leading to the rear side of the house.


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