Four Bedroom Two-Storey House With 2-Car Garage

This 4-bedroom two-storey house is 230 square meters in total floor area. This design includes a porch in the front side of the home, connected to a roofed car park, and with a lanai at the back.

The car park of this house can accommodate up to two family cars. From the porch, you can reach the main receiving area or living room from the main entrance door.

The main entrance door is made with glass and arched steel, providing a sophisticated and modern look yet provides privacy for the house owners. There is also another entrance from the parking area.The living room is very spacious. This room can cater up to 6 to 10 people at once. This room is connected to the open-concept dining area and the kitchen.

The kitchen is spacious and has a u-shaped area for cooking and food preparation. There is also a lanai or service area from the kitchen. This can be converted into a dirty kitchen or a laundry area. The first bedroom is located on the ground floor. This bedroom has a space for entertainment as well as built-in cabinets. On the left side is the common toilet and bath. The staircase is strategically located in the middle of this home, next to the storage area. It is also accessible from the alternative entrance from the parking area.



The first floor of this 2-storey house is for relaxation. From the staircase is a larger area which can be converted to a small family hall. Bedrooms 2 and 3 have built-in cabinets and entertainment corners. Bedroom 2 also has access to the balcony, overlooking the front part of the house. There is also another common toilet and bath.

The Master’s Bedroom has an en-suite toilet and bath. It also comes with a walk-in closet with two built-in wardrobe cabinets and a dresser table. All bathrooms in this 2-storey house have a provision for a bathtub.



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