How To Choose the Right Full Mattress Size in Inches

Full Mattress Size in Inches
Knowing the right full mattress size in inches is a must if you want better sleep at night.

When it comes to your mattress, size really matters. The dimensions of your bed will affect the quality of your sleep as well as the design aesthetic. Considering a simple factor like your full mattress size in inches is important in giving you a better sleep at night as well as maintaining a good look at your home.

Your full mattress size in inches matters. You should think about who is sleeping in the bed, your potential visitors, the dimensions of your room, and how long you will be using it.

If you are not sure on how to choose the best size for your home, here is a mattress size guide chart that will walk you through the different mattress sizes available. This also includes tips on how you can decide, depending on your situation.

Standard Full Mattress Size in Inches

Bed Type: Twin
Dimensions: 38” by 75”

A twin mattress or also known as a single bed is the smallest mattress available in the market.

A twin mattress is ideal for one child or a single adult. However, keep in mind that it can be short for a taller person or if your child prefers more sleeping space to move around. This mattress works best if you have a smaller space. It fits well with bunk beds or if you are using daybeds.

Bed Type: Twin XL
Dimensions: 38” by 80”

A Twin XL mattress caters to a child or an adult. It has the same width as a twin with five more extra inches in length.

Same as a twin mattress, a twin XL bed is ideal for a single adult with limited space. Thanks to its additional length, it is a good choice for dorm rooms, guest rooms or smaller apartments.

Bed Type: Full
Dimensions: 53” by 75”

A full mattress, also called a double bed, has the same length as a twin bed with more width.

Since it has 16 inches more width than a twin bed, it is enough to accommodate two children or adults. It has more length, fit for taller people.

A full mattress is also suitable for a single sleeper in a larger room. It is also a smart choice if you sleep with your child or a pet.

Bed Type: Queen
Dimensions: 60” by 80”

The most common mattress size for those who prefer a larger full mattress size in inches is a Queen mattress. This bed can comfortably accommodate two adults.

A queen mattress provides better sleeping space than a full mattress but leaves more space than a king bed. When choosing a queen size bed, you should have a larger room of at least 10’ by 10’.

Bed Type: King
Dimensions: 76” by 80”

The king mattress fits two sleepers with enough space, as if they are sleeping on their own twin-size bed.

If you have a bigger room or a lot of floor space and you are in need of a larger sleeping space, this bed is a great option. It gives two adults plenty of room to sleep in, with an extra room for a pet or a child. When you choose this bed, you should also take your bedroom and nightstand into consideration.

Bed Type: California King
Dimensions: 72” by 84”

The longest bed available in the market today, especially if you are on the taller side, is the California King mattress.

This bed has the longest full mattress size in inches. It is narrower than a standard king mattress, but has additional inches of length. Like a King bed, it provides more space for two adults to sleep in, with a child or a pet.

Specialty Mattress

Bed Type: RV
Dimensions: 48” by 75”

Thanks to its narrow profile, the RV mattress fits any tight spots perfectly.

Also known as the three-quarters mattress, the RV bed cuts five inches off the width of a full-size mattress. It is a great space saver if you have a smaller space, like a trailer or a motorhome.

Bed Type: Texas King
Dimensions: 80” by 98”

Although it is not commonly available in most spaces, a Texas King mattress is perfect for sleepers who are in need of a larger sleeping space.

The Texas King mattress is ideal for couples who need a significant amount of sleeping space. However, this bed requires custom made linens.

Choosing the perfect full mattress size in inches can be daunting. However, if you know how large you need and which size fits you and your home, you can easily find the best size that will fit your sleeping needs.

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