Home Sweet Home by the Sea

Have you ever dreamed of dining al fresco by the sea or wake up in the morning with sea breeze kissing your skin? Hmmm… is not that wonderful?

I bet all of us have this dream – to live by the sea.  How many times did you wish you had enough days of vacation and will spend it on the beach? Well, everything is possible.  You just need to plan for your  next vacation. But you know what? You can actually live by the sea everyday!

Yes, you can! When you buy a property by the ocean or when you build your own. Is that not a good idea? Like in the small house that is being featured today.  It is a petite house with only two bedrooms but its ambiance is perfect! Imagine waking up to the morning sea breeze and watching the sun set in the skyline?

Wow! That is perhaps one of the perfect scenarios you could ever imagine! Small houses do not need to be very lavish, as long as they serve their purpose then that is more than perfect.

This small house consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom, one living room, a dining room and a kitchen, and a whopping 67.5 square meters of living space. That is an awesome space for a living area, isn’t it? Construction budget starts at approximately about 1.6 million pesos or approximately US$32,000.

The layout of the floor plan is what many call “small but terrible”.  The different parts of the house are strategically located at its best position.  The open layout of the living room and the dining room allows for a larger space shared and this gives an impression of a a bigger space for mobility.

This is a perfect dwelling for those who are seeking for a simple life and simple home to manage.  A bigger house may mean bigger responsibility and bigger budget to maintain it but for a petite house like this one, as long as it offers rooms for convenience, then it is as good as living in a big house.

If I were to choose a house, I would prefer a smaller one because it is easier to maintain and as long as it gives shelter, then it is a home sweet home for me!

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