Imposing Double-storey House with a Touch of Modern Design

Are you a fan of modern architecture or zen-inspired houses? If you see one along the highway, would you give it a second look or just simply pass by?

For those who prefer a modern house design, they would surely cast not only a second look  but long stare at this house on feature today.  It is a double-storey house with a contemporary design as shown by its roofing but carries a modern architecture with its simple and no-ornament exterior design.

The prominent features of modern architecture are seen by its large glass windows, the pillars, and the distinct beams that are painted with black.

Indeed the color combination of white and black is one of the main attraction here.  White and black always go perfect with one another!

The verandas on the second level are enclosed with glass but you can also design them with steel balustrade or just install horizontal banisters painted in black and that would all do the trick!

The glass windows are also an attraction here. Aside from they add aesthetics to the overall of the house, they also provide natural light and ventilation to the entire house.

Sitting on the veranda while relaxing and taking in few deep breaths is always the most coveted relaxation one could ever think of.

Just think of yourself sitting on that veranda with no work waiting in the morning and no pressures at work is something everyone really dreams of having especially in a mansion-like house like this one.

The ground floor houses the garage that can accommodate two cars, the spacious living room and the dining area, the kitchen and one common bathroom.

Since the kitchen is spacious enough to include a bar, you may opt to have a bar or an island in your kitchen.

The upper floor houses the three big bedrooms with verandas!

Don’t you think it is such a luxury to live in this house especially in one of those spacious bedrooms upstairs?

What a wonderful feeling, just opening the glass windows or the glass door and the sunshine greets you good morning!


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