Jaw-dropping Two Storey House with 4 Bedrooms

For those who are hunting for a spectacular design of two storey, here is Julia model designed by Novillos. With a total floor area of 306 square meters, this is designed to accommodate a medium to big family.

In the ground floor, the gate of the garage makes used of the boundary fence, to maximize the space for 3 cars. From the garage, going to the left side is the small porch and opens to the foyer very reaching the living area. The living area is also huge with approximately 5 meters by 6 meters, or 30 square meter in floor area. Next to the living room is the guest room having 16 square meters floor area.

Going the the right side of the ground floor, you can see the dining area that is design to accommodate a 8-seater rectangular table, provided with a lanai that can be reached by opening the sliding door on the right side wall.

Kitchen is located above the dining when looking at the plan view, which includes L-shaped counter with hanging cabinets and a center table for work area and can be re-purpose as a bar due to the 3 chairs already in place. kitchen is also augmented by the dirty kitchen of course, when the main kitchen is busy. Maid’s room is also included in the layout with en-suite toilet and bath.

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To approach the second floor, you need to climb the stairs which will lead you directly to the family hall, a good area to bond with your family members before going to sleep. The family area, hallway and the balcony area the open areas at the second floor.

The master’s bedroom is 5 meters by 6 meters and additionally another 20 square meters for the walk-in closet and master’s bathroom. The 2 bedrooms area located at the left side, each having built-in closets and toilet and baths.

Another great feature of this house is the open to below at the second floor, this area will give you a full bird’s eye view of the living area.

It does not matter if your house is small or big, the most important factor is the family who lives in it. With a caring and loving family members, having a big house is only secondary and a luxury for those who can afford.

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