Leesa Mattress: A Comprehensive Review

Leesa Mattress
A Leesa mattress combines the comfort of a memory foam and a foam mattress.

A lot of homeowners are changing their beds from the normal ones to the Leesa mattress.

The Leesa mattress is a mixture of foam mattress that features two foam comfort layers as well as a firmer support core which is covered in a stylish fabric cover. But what sets this mattress apart is the cooling Avena foam which allows the sleeper to stay cool at any time of the day while enjoying the benefits of sleeping in a foam mattress.

This bed comes in a single medium firmness level, with the standard mattress sizes, and all in 10 inches height.

What is a Leesa Mattress Made of?

This one-of-a-kind mattress is composed of three layers:

  • The top layer is a 2-inch cooling comfort layer of Avena foam.
  • The middle layer is a 2-inch cooling comfort layer of memory foam.
  • The bottom layer is a 6-inch support foam core.

Memory foam mattresses are designed to provide comfort and contour to the body. Unfortunately, one of the problems when using a foam mattress is its ability to regulate temperature. Since it contours to the body, it traps heat more than a regular mattress.

To avoid these problems, a Leesa mattress has a layer of Avena foam on top to maximize airflow.

The Leesa bed is also a hybrid mattress: it combines a latex and a memory foam. The middle layer contours and envelops the body while the top layer helps the body to cool down.

The top Avena foam of this bed is also CertiPUR-US®-certified and hypoallergenic. To receive the CertiPUR-US® certification, a mattress should be made without any ozone depletes, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, and metals. It also needs to pass low volatile organic compound emissions.

The Leesa mattress is then encased in a fire retardant sock. The cover itself is made of a polyester-lycra blend fabric.

Why Should You Use This Mattress?

  • Motion Transfer: Like a lot of foam mattresses, the Leesa bed offers above-average motion transfer.
  • Heat Retention: Compared with most memory foam mattresses, this mattress is cooler, thanks to its Avena foam layer that traps the heat.
  • Offgassing: Due to its foam construction, this bed presents an initial off-gassing odor but it goes away after a few days.
  • Support: The Leesa bed offers great support for people of average weight. It provides relief for the back pain and other pressure points.
  • Conforming: The Leesa bed is on the firmer side. It conforms to the body without the feeling of sinking too much.

How To Unbox a Leesa Mattress

To open the mattress, follow these steps:

1. Unbox the mattress on its side while standing beside a foundation or floor. Never use a sharp object when opening the box as it might slice the mattress inside.
2. Position the rolled up mattress on a slatted or solid foundation. Remove the outer plastic wrap.
3. Fully unfold the mattress. Remove the inner plastic and enjoy.

Do It Come With a Warranty?

Yes, a Leesa mattress comes with a warranty. Leesa offers a 10-year full replacement warranty.

Defects covered by this warranty include:

  • Any physical flaw in the bed that causes permanent damage to the memory foam. This is unrelated to the normal wear and tear and physical setup damages.
  • Any physical flaw in the seams, cover, and zipper. This is unrelated to the normal wear and tear and physical setup damages. The cover replacement may also be different from the one initially purchased.
  • Deterioration that results in an indentation greater than 1 inch. This should not be due to the improper based used by the consumer.

In order to meet the warranty regulations, the user is required to use a solid or slatted base. Options include using a bunk board on a traditional box spring, a solid platform, a solid box spring or foundation or a slatted platform with slats 3 inches apart or even lesser.

The Leesa mattress is an ideal bed for sleepers of average weight. It is suitable for any sleeping positions, especially for back sleepers.

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