Modern 3-Bedroom 2-Storey House With Home Office

2-storey house
One of the unique features of this 2-storey house is the home office, perfect for those who work from home.

This 2-storey house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is ideal for those who are working from home since it has a provision for a home office, located on the first floor.

The overall design of this house is modern and elegant. The walls are surrounded by large glass windows, guaranteeing that there are natural light and ventilation around the house. The walls are painted in shades of light brown and cream and it has a flat roofing, giving the exterior a clean and minimalist facade.

The walls inside the house are painted in cream, complete with wood design tiles. Some of the parts, especially the hallways and home offices, are slightly elevated.

The ground floor consists of the living spaces: the living room, the porch, the kitchen, the work office, the second living room, the common bathroom, the first bedroom, the laundry area, and the veranda. The second floor consists of all the two other bedrooms and a common toilet and bath.

The first part of the house that you will see upon entering this 2-storey house is the living room. You have the option to combine either the living room and the dining room or the dining room and the kitchen to maximize the space.

Just a few steps from the living room is the first common bathroom, beside the staircase, and the open kitchen. The kitchen is spacious to fit all the appliance and kitchen tools that you have. Placing an island in the middle of the cooking area can serve as a second dining table and a preparation table. The service area can be accessed from the kitchen too.

Before heading to the second floor, there is a half floor where you can find the second living room, which can be converted to a family hall, and a home office.

The second floor is the recreational area of the house. There are a smaller bedroom and a larger Master’s Bedroom with a walk-in closet. All the bedrooms of this 2-storey house have built-in cabinets and entertainment walls.

Check out the floor plan of this 2-storey house:

If you have a larger family or you often cater to a lot of guests, the bigger is definitely better. This 2-storey house has all the spaces and rooms that the family needs. Plus, if you always work from home, it is ideal for you as it has a home office for you to use.

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