Modern 3-Bedroom Single Detached House

Single Detached House
A single detached house provides the owner with more ability to customize the house.

Many homeowners face different home options when buying a new house. Each of these options has their own unique features and advantages, making the home buying a complicated process. Deciding on a style of your future home should depend on what you want, the privacy it gives, the value, and the maintenance.

This is why many home buyers choose a single detached house. A lot of single-family residences are single detached homes as it has a standalone structure on a private lot. Not only does it provide more living space for the family, but this house also offers private outdoor living space for the personal use of the house owner. It allows the homeowners more flexibility for recreation such as a swimming pool, a patio, a stout area or a children’s play area.

A single detached house like our house plan for today gives you the opportunity to fully customize the house. You can put an outdoor lanai or sit out area to enjoy your afternoons.

Here’s the floor plan of this house:

This modern single detached house features modern designs for its exterior. It uses the combination of wood and brick accent walls and the colors white and brown. There are also several glass windows surrounding the whole house.

Before reaching the main door, there is a porch that you can convert into a sit out area. By placing chairs and a small table, you can use this space to relax after a long day of work.

From the main door, you will pass a small hallway before reaching the living room. From the living room, you will see a work area or home office in the left and the kitchen and the dining room areas on the right. The kitchen and dining rooms are combined, to maximize the whole space. There is also a common toilet and bath and a laundry area on this floor.

There is also a half floor, where you can see a second living room, which you can use as a lounge area or living room, and a bedroom.

The second floor is where all the other bedrooms are located. There is a smaller bedroom and a Master’s Bedroom. All bedrooms have their own built-in cabinets.

Another common toilet and bath can be seen in the second-floor area. This bathroom has a provision for a bathtub.

As a home buyer, what features are you looking for a home? Do you like all the features that this single detached house is providing?

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