Modern Bungalow with Two Bedrooms and Detached Balcony and Carport

For sure, many of you have seen houses whose carports and balconies are detached from the main building. Do you find it nice? Are you a fan of detached carports and balconies?

Today, we are featuring a bungalow wit a detached carport and balcony. It may not be your cup of tea for now but you may find it appealing in the future. Let’s take a look!

These days, more and more homeowners are discovering the beauty of building a separated garage. A detached garage can actually clear up the facade of a house.  It gives more space to the porch and eliminate the garage-dominated facade that blocks the beauty of the house.

If you have a small house, the attached garage can make your house look even smaller because the car that is parked on it can overwhelm the size of the house. In this case, a separate garage can make the house stand out and having the detached garage beside it can be a little more pleasing.

It is also a nice option to add a living space on top a detached garage, especially if there are plans of adding upper floors to it. You can freely design it without touching the already existing design of the separate house.


● Modern house
● Total area: 85 sq.m.
● Width: 15.50 m.
●Depth: 6.50 m.
● Number of pillars: 24
● House price 2 million Philippine pesos or US$38,000.00

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  1. Hi,
    it was a very nice design and i would do some ideas for mu on going house construction.
    can you give me the exact measurement of your canopies which i will try to copy it and add to my construction. thank you very much.


  2. Hi, i would like know the roof technology used on your design,and would you kindly send me your plans and elavations to my email.Thank you.

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