Modern Duplex House With Two Bedrooms

If a single storey house is your choice, here is a fabulous duplex that you will love.

Whether you are in the initial stages of building your future home or you are simply keeping an eye on what you want, one question that doesn’t always have an obvious answer is: Do you want to go for a single storey like a duplex or a luxurious two storey house?

While a two storey home is a favorite choice of those with multiple members of the family due to the availability of more rooms, certain people also rule it out, particularly people with limited mobility or those who live with small children or elderly.

If a single storey house is your choice, here is a fabulous duplex that you will love.

This duplex has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and two halls for family activities. It also has a front and a back porch built in an area of 107 square meters.

The exterior of this duplex is decorated with soft gray color mixed with dark gray. The door and window frames are trimmed with white. It has a simple roof design, slopping at the back, with long span galvanised iron roofing.

Instead of using a traditional wooden door, the main entryway is made of tempered glass. There are also several windows surrounding the house, making sure that there is enough ventilation and lighting.

The L-shaped kitchen is spacious, with a provision for a gas range or an oven. To maximize the space, you can set up overhead cabinets to store your kitchen appliance and other trinkets.

From the main door, you will see two hallways: You can set up your living room on the left and a movie area on the right. You can also place your dining room on the right and your living room to the left. The choices are endless.

Overall, this duplex is simple yet it has all the rooms that an average-sized family needs. It has two bedrooms, a common toilet and bath, and a lot of living space for the family to move around.

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