Modern Minimalist House Design with 4 Bedrooms

modern minimalist house design

Looking for a modern minimalist house design? Here it is, a 4 bedroom house and double storey. The modern appeal of the exterior consist of white walls, wood texture and dark metallic schemes.

The lot is maximized in terms of space, as you can see the garage gate is already at the property line at the front. Looking at the ground floor plan, the setback at the front will almost be 2 meters from the main entrance.  This floor consists of the living room, 1 Bedroom with en-suit bathroom, dining and kitchen. The rear side can be a yard that can be accessed from the front through a cement path walk at the right side.

The second floor of this modern minimalist house design consists mainly of the 3 bedrooms and a small terrace at the front. bedrooms have their own toilet and bath including built-in cabinets and table as work area.



Interior design is very detailed as each room has been shown in different camera angles and locations. Bedrooms are so neat in design and spacious.

Kitchen is perfect for a busy mother with center table where you can put all the cookbooks. Kitchen counter is also finished with white granite tiles and drawers with dark brown glossy finish paints.





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