Modern One Storey House with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms

Modern One Storey House Perspective

This modern one storey house consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, central kitchen and dining and a garage in front. The total floor area is not specified but this is almost more than 100 square meters looking at the plan.

Roof materials are polished clay tiles with grey color. Walls have dominant white paint with some grey accents. Columns on the garage and porch are wrapped with Grey and dark natural stones. Door and windows are mostly powder coated white aluminum windows and sliding doors.

Looking at the perspective, this modern one storey house is already fenced with masonry wall plastered finish on the half height. Tubular bars painted with dark grey completes the fence structure.

In the living room, you will find a large open area  with recessed ceiling equipped with pin lights and circular light at the center. Wall are purely white painted with wood baseboards to separate the floor from the wall. Floor is finished with white granite tiles making it glossy or shiny floor. The color scheme makes it very comfortable and clean for this modern one storey house.

Bedroom has the same color scheme with white walls, granite tiles and light brown baseboard. The curtain style and color compliments very much with the surrounding as it is making depth to the room due to contrasting color. 

Kitchen is so simple with L-shaped counter where the shorter side dwells the stainless steel kitchen sink with dark colored splash tiles to protect the wall behind from dirt. the counter is painted with white and serve as a border when a black counter top is installed. Kitchen drawers and cabinets are also painted with dark color to compliment with the counter top color.

Below the glass and aluminum sliding windows are accent bricks in beige and grey.


Toilet and bath floor are finished with ceramic tiles (no-skid type) including the walls with with tiles with streak patterns. It consists of the toilet bowl, shower room and above counter lavatories to give more class and style.




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