Modern Single-Storey Home With Three Bedrooms And Two Bathrooms

Modern Single-Storey Home
Modern Single-Storey Home

If you don’t want a traditional house, modern houses are great alternatives. Even if you don’t want to live in ultra-posh establishments and buildings, there are a lot of modern-styled houses to choose from. These houses offer the luxury and the contemporary style that you are looking for yet they are liveable in appearance.

This modern, single-floor home is the design you might be looking for. This house is designed to look modern in appearance but it provides comfort and space for the whole family.

Designed to be value for money, this house has provision for three bedrooms, two toilet and baths, and a parking space for a family or city car.

Entering from the main door, the first room that you will see is the living room from the left. To save on space and make the whole house look bigger than it actually is, the living room and the dining hall are combined. There are pillars built in between the two areas to give it an illusion that they are separated.

A short hall will lead you to the common bathroom and the kitchen. Other than the working area, the kitchen has a separate dining table and a door leading to the service area at the back.

Even if it’s a single-floor home, this house has three bedrooms. Two rooms have the same size and can be used by the kids or as a guest room.

There is a much bigger room or the Master’s Bedroom. This room has an attached toilet and bathroom.

Overall, this single-floor home is perfect even for a large family. It has all the important areas that the family needs yet it does not look too cluttered.

Do you like a simple home or a more extravagant one? Whether you are looking for a big house or a small home, House And Decors have the plan that you need.

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