Modern Style Home Design with 2 Bedrooms

Modern Style Home Design

Everyone is dreaming to have their own house be it be big or only 2 bedroom house. A very good feeling when you are tired working for the day, you a have place to to rest or chill a bit and go home to a place you call call your own.

This modern style home design is simple and and yet modern touch when you look at the front perspective. it has two bedrooms and one toilet and bath.



  1. Would like to get in contact with he builder or someone who can give me a price ect,
    about the Modern style home design with 2 bedroom house.

  2. There appear to be no doors connecting any rooms. The front view is reversed. Unless you want to live in front of the world. That would imply a door and porch in what is now the back of the house. Since the roof sheds that direction serious problem. No closets and no garage. A lack of understanding how layout effects materials. Your a perfect architect!

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