Modern Style Three-Bedroom Two Storey House

two storey house
This modern style two storey house has a floor area of 158 square meters.

Deciding between a one or two storey house can be a difficult choice. While a one storey house is more affordable, having a two storey property has a lot of perks too.

A two storey house offers a better division of living space. There is a separation between the sleeping areas and the living areas as the bedrooms are upstairs while the other areas like the dining room, living room, and kitchen are downstairs, making it less likely for the family to be disturbed while sleeping or resting. A two storey house also provides more options when it comes to design and layout.

This modern style two storey house for today has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a work office. There is a large terrace for relaxing and family activities plus plenty of storage spaces. If you need more room for the occupants, you can upgrade it to a 4-bedroom house.

Features of this modern style two storey house:

  • Has a unique and elegant exterior design. The floor area is designed with the principle of centralized air conditioning, especially in the bedroom.
  • The living space is divided into three levels.
  • There is a large front porch, a laundry area, and a second-floor terrace.
  • There are two provisions for a storage room: One inside the house and an under-floor storage.
  • Adjustable to a 4-bedroom house.
  • Ideal for people who work from home as there is a spacious home office, separated from the living room and the other bedrooms.

This modern style two storey house has a floor area of 158 square meters.

Here is the floor area of this house:


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